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What is Cake Display Fridge

A cake display fridge is a refrigeration unit that is specifically designed to preserve, display and showcase cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. A cake display is also called a cake display fridge or cake chiller.

These counters typically come in countertop, floor, or vertical models with varying sizes and features. They feature glass doors and shelves, making it easy to see and access your baked goods. Cake display counter features cooling system that regulates the temperature inside the showcase, ensuring cakes stay fresh and moist for longer.

We have been producing this product for over 5 years. During the initial stages of production, we made design improvements based on existing products in the market, primarily focusing on increasing the display space. We have consistently been innovating and have developed various colors and styles. Currently, our products are exported to countries including the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Australia, etc.

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Features Of Our Cake Display Fridges

double layer glasses

1. Anti-fog Heating Glasses

We use high-quality glasses to ensure a clear visual of the inside display. Two kinds of ways are applied to prevent fogging up of the glasses: Front glasses with hot air blowing function or electric heating glasses for harsh conditions.

tempered glasses

2. Tempered Glasses

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. It undergoes a special heating and rapid cooling process that increases its strength by up to four to five times. It shatters into granular pieces instead of sharp shards when it breaks.

corner of the cake displays

3. Elegant Corner Joint

The frameless design is realizable due to the tempered glasses. There is a beautiful joint of the corner, no extra glass beyond the corner, more elegant and keep safe of people who walk by. It provides a sleek, modern and tidy look.

compressor of cake displays

4. Brand Compressor

Every Cake display comes with a brand compressor with durable quality, such as Secop, Embraco, Donper, etc. A high-quality compressor can significantly extend the lifetime of the pastry display case.

cooling of cake displays

5. Copper Evaporator

Copper Evaporator has high thermal conductivity, meaning it can efficiently transfer heat. This property allows copper evaporators to rapidly absorb heat from the surroundings, leading to good cooling effects.

digital temperature controller of cake chiller

6. Digital Thermostat

We use brand digital thermostats, like Italy Carel, Dixell or Chinese famous brands. Good quality thermostat can guarantee the  accurate display of the temperature and gives correct signals of the trouble shooting.

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We can Customize either the cooling configuration or the aesthetic design of the appearance to match your local market’s unique demands and regional climates. Whether you need specialized compartments or personalized branding, our customization options provide the flexibility to optimize your kitchen or your retailing business of cake displays

Custom Cake Displays

display counter

Custom Materials and Color

We offer various options of color and materials, such as golden color, black color, white color, stainless steel 304, 201, 430, galvanized steel, coated steel or marble materials.

cake display with heating glasses

Custom Glasses

We offer heating glasses, tempered glasses, non-tempered glasses, and single layer glass for choice. Given the climates of your local market, we can provide the professional advice

custom cake fridge


We offer custom design as per your brand strategy, and personalize the exterior with your logo, brand colors, or any other branding elements to reinforce brand identity.

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Gallery Of Cake Display Counter

Cake Fridge Price


The cake display counter is a large invention for various establishments. People care about the price of the cake display counter. However, when you choose a cake display counter, what part should you pay great attention to and can not save the cost? Let me analyze the configuration of every cost of this refrigerated display counter:

Here we take a refrigerated display counter as example, it has a refrigeration system to cool the displays.

Glasses, double layers tempered Glasses——————- 120USD~210USD

Glass Doors, double layers tempered Glasses————— 80USD~180USD

Stainless Steel Sheet————— 30USD ~56USD

Compressor—————–40USD~ 115USD

Digital temperture controller————–7USD~ 28USD

Condensate————- 11USD~20USD

Evaporator————– 28USD

Foaming————- 28USD

Glass Shelves——– 10USD~15USD Labor Cost———— 28USD

By rough calculation, we get the price of the cake display counter. The above cost did not cover the profit of the manufacturer.

Why are some refrigerated display counters so cheap? The above cost range gives you the answer. Even though same brand of compressor, there are also variations in power. A higher power compressor provides better cooling performance, while a lower power compressor has a lower cooling capacity.

So, NEVER only pay attention to the appearance of the cake display counters or other food display counters.

Among all deli case manufacturers, we may not be the largest factory, but we are definitely the most trustworthy partner for you. We will provide the Refrigerated deli cases that best suit your market and working environment.

Knowledge About Pastry Chiller Display

-What is pastry chiller display?

A pastry chiller is also called refrigerated display case or cake display chiller, some people call it a cake showcase or cake fridge. It is used to display cakes, desserts, cookies, bread, and all kinds of bakeries. It is widely used in bakery shops, cafes, dessert shops, supermarkets, etc.

-Types Of Pastry Chiller Display

1.Distinguished by temperature:

  • Cold display
  • Ambient Food Display Cabinet
  • Refigerated and ambinet food display cabinet( a combination food display cabinet, temperature could be controlled seperately)
  • Cake freezer

2. Distinguished by their materials:

  • Stainless steel bakery display counter
  • Painted steel bakery display counter
  • Wood bakery display counter
  • Marble bakery display counter
producing process of cake displays
wood bakery display counter
marble bakery display counter

3. Distinguished by shelves:

  • Two shelves bakery display counter
  • Three shelves bakery display counter
  • Four shelves bakery display counter
refrigerated cake display right angel
cake display refrigerator
4 side glass chiller

4. Distinguished by shape:

  • Rectangular pastry display counter
  • Curved glass display counter
  • Vertical pastry display counter
  • Round cake display
  • Self-serve bakery display case
  • Sweet display counters open type
rectangular pastry display counter
curved glass display counter
vertical display counter

Which shape is best for your business depends on the size and layout of your shop. The shape and the color should be matched with the decoration style of your store. As a cake chiller supplier, we supply customized cake chillers to distributors all over the world.

-What Is the Most Popular Bakery Display Counter?

Based on the trends of the past two years, black cake display counters have become mainstream. Vertical bakery display case in tall size is currently in vogue, and countertop cake display fridges are being increasingly purchased by consumers. This is because countertop cake display fridge have a wide range of uses, not only in cake shops but also in various restaurants and food service establishments.

The countertop cake display fridge is usually placed on the checkout counter of the restaurant, the entrance of the restaurant, or maybe the focus center of the restaurant. The food is illuminated by beautiful lights, which make the displays attractive and easy to access.

sales director of acenox

“As a manufacturer of cake display counters, we accept customized designs and production of cake displays, such as color. You can choose golden, black, white or rose golden color. For the size, the depth is 700mm or 600mm, only two sizes for the depth. Length ranges from 900mm,1000mm,1500mm, and 1800mm to 2000mm.

We could provide different materials, like stainless steel 201, 430,304, painted steel, marble materials, etc.
We are flexible but responsible for all our distributors in the abroad market.”

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