Will Cakes Dry Out In The Cake Display Fridge?

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Bakery owners often worry about how long the bread and pastries they make can be stored inside the commercial cake display fridge they use. Sometimes, they sell out every day, while other times there might be leftover pastries that need to be sold the next day. So, does cake become dry if it’s kept in a display fridge for a long time? Here, we are referring to the type of cake display fridge with a ventilated cooling system.

Bread with unbrushed oil on the surface. Sandwiches. Bread that is relatively dry and without any packaging. Poor sealing of the refrigerated display cabinet.

Will Cakes Dry Out In The Cake Display Fridge?

Cakes can potentially dry out in a cake display fridge if proper care is not taken, but it is not absolute.

There are several situations in which it could become dry

  • Bread with unbrushed oil on the surface.
  • Sandwiches.
  • Bread that is relatively dry and without any packaging.
  • Poor sealing of the cake display fridge.

I will show several photos below to explain:

6 Ways to Prevent Cakes and Bread From Drying Out in the Fridge

  • Brush oil on the surface of the bread
  • Bread without oil packed in a plastic package
  • Use a ventilated cooling cake display fridge with good sealing
  • A ventilated cake display fridge has good air circulation, and the air is moist. In this situation, good sealing is crucial, it keeps the moisture air inside the cake display fridge, and the air circulates continuously. The cakes inside will not easily dry out.
  • Reduce the times of opening the cake display fridge
  • If you already bought a cake display fridge without good sealing, put a cup of water inside the fridge. It does some help.

The above photo in left shows a cake display fridge without good sealing.
Lots of the cakes will become dry in one day!

Luckily, most of the cakes can be sold out in one day. Otherwise, the clerk will have to take the left cakes and bread to another chiller till tomorrow. That means you need another cake fridge, which is another high cost.

It is crucial to buy a good quality of commercial cake display fridge to preserve your cakes better. A commercial Cake display fridge is different from a fridge used at home. The commercial one has a higher requirement since it is for commercial use; it plays a critical role in your business. A good quality cake fridge can keep the humid air inside the cake, which makes it long-lasting.

Our Suggestions:

If you are a quality buyer and want to import cake display fridges from an experienced manufacturing company, or if you are a bakery owner who needs one bakery display fridge, We suggest that you can select a stunning display with double-layer glass with refrigeration system and good sealing, like the cake display fridge Acenox is selling.

cake display refrigerator

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