8 Recommended Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Jessie Chang
Jessie Chang

Sales Manager Of Acenox
Engage in the commercial kitchen equipment industry for 8 years+

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There are lots of reliable and reputable manufacturers of bakery equipment in China,

Most of the below factories have a long history in this bakery industry and have abundant experience in producing and exporting bakery equipment to the abroad market.

Here, we will talk about the essential bakery equipment used in various establishments:

1. Commercial Deck Oven

deck oven
commercial deck oven

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Grace Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.(Guangzhou Of China)

Manufacturer: Sun Mate Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan Of China)

2. Commercial Rotary Oven

rotary oven

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Grace Kitchen Equipment Co.,Ltd. (Guangzhou Of China)

The baking Capacity of the Deck Oven and Rotary Oven is different.

Commercial Rotary Oven: Rotary ovens are often larger and have a higher baking capacity, making them suitable for high-volume bakeries and commercial operations.

Deck Oven: Deck ovens come in various sizes, with smaller units suitable for smaller bakeries or restaurants and larger units for medium-scale operations. They are not as large as rotary ovens.

3. Dough Mixer

maifeng dough mixer

A dough mixer is an electrical food machine to mix flour and water together and kneads large quantities of dough.

Commercial dough mixers are usually used for industrial purposes.

Manufacturer: Anhui Hualing Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. (Anhui Of China)

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Maifeng Food Equipment Co., LTD. (Guangzhou Of China)

4. Divider Rounder

Manufacturer:Guangzhou Rongmai Bakery Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

5. Proofer

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Maifeng Food Equipment Co., LTD. (Guangzhou Of China)

6. Pastry Display Counter Manufacturer:

commercial cake display fridge
commercial cake display fridge

China has dozens of manufacturers producing various pastry display counters. These suppliers mainly locate in Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, and Guangdong Provinces

Manufacturer: Acenox Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong Of China)

Web: https://acenoxkitchenequipment.com/

Acenox is one of the display counter manufacturers, producing glass display counters, stainless steel display counters, etc.
Acenox has good cooperation relations with all these partners in the bakery equipment industry. Therefore, Acenox can provide one-stop solutions no matter whether you want to build a new bakery store, pastry shop or cafe shop, or even bread factory.

Offering you professional advice on these commercial bakery equipment, will save lots of your time and cost when you purchase these equipment. All the equipment Acenox selected is from bakery equipment manufacturers.

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