What equipment do I need to build a great coffee shop?

Jessie Chang
Jessie Chang

Sales Manager Of Acenox
Engage in the commercial kitchen equipment industry for 8 years+

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What equipment is needed for coffee shop?

That mainly depends on what kind of coffee and food you serve.

Roast your coffee beans or purchase from shops? Do you serve any cakes or pastries? Do you serve any ice cream?

As a sales of all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment for over 6 years, let me analyze the essential equipment needed for coffee shop.  

Coffee making

  • Coffee roaster

Roasting coffee beans means roasting the green beans, Roasting means transforming coffee beans from green to brown. It affects the flavor by the degree of roasting, if you do have not time or room to roast coffee, you can buy ready-made roasted coffee beans.

  • Coffee Grinder Machine
  • Coffee machine(Cappuccino Espresso machine)

Make coffee and steam, make cappuccino coffee, there are multiple functions of this machine.

Storage and Operating equipment to Make Coffee

  • Customized Coffee working table/ Counter chiller or Counter freezer

It has over shelf to store small stuff, it usually comes with a small washing bowl Below the counter, it is a chiller or freezer with two sliding doors.

Bakery Equipment

If you have pastries or some dessert to serve, here is the essential list to buy

  • Dough mixer
  • Proofer/ Proofing Cabinet
  • Oven
  • Cooling Trolley
  • Bakery Display Case

To showcase the pastry or dessert in it, it is Refrigerated bakery display cases, which can keep fresh of your pastry.

Ice Cream Equipment

If you serve ice equipment in your coffee shop

Ice Cream Showcase is an ideal choice to display ice cream

The above equipment involes coffee, essensial bakery equipment and ice cream equipment to serve ice cream. If you do not bake bread by yourself, you can buy only one bakery display case to display your bread and cakes.

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