The Differences Of 201 steel, 304 steel and 430 steel

Jessie Chang
Jessie Chang

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The stainless steel have differen grades, which will effect the final uses of commercial kitchen equipments

201 stainless Steel

Chemical components of 201 steel is Cr-0.15%,Si-1.00%,Mn-5.50~7.50%,P-0.050%,S-0.030%,Ni-3.50~5.50%,Cr-16.00~18.00%,N-0.05~0.25%。

201 grade code in China: 12Cr17Mn6Ni5N

Grade: J1/J2/J3/J4/J5

J2、J3、J5 is the steel which contains few copper and high carbon,ductility and hardness is not good. We use 201 J1, the best quality grade steel.

201 steel only contains 3.50~5.50% of Ni, 304 steel contains 8.00~11.00% of Ni.Because of the different content of nickel element, the corrosion resistance of 201 is not as good as that of 304; What’s more, the carbon content of 201 is higher than that of 304, so 201 is harder and more brittle than 304.

304 stainless Steel

304 grade code in China: 06Cr19Ni10

18/8 is another name of 304 steel, which its composition is contains iron +18% Cr+8% Ni, there is a higher grade 18/10, which cost is much high, which is used in Medical equipments. The grade we use for kitchen equipments is 18/8

Stainless steel does not always anti rust, the environment is very important. Under condition of dry weather and good ventilation, icoppert will not rust, if continuous rainning days or if the PH value of the air is too high, the stainless steel will be easily rusted.  Humid environment is also another reason.

430 stainless steel

is a mild, corrosion-resistant metal that can be easily bent, stretched, or drawn. grade 430 is magnetic.

grade 304 stainless steel offers more corrosion resistance than grade 430 because of its higher nickel content. The nickel also makes grade 304 easier to draw or press. That same element, however, also raises the price of grade 304 steel.

Put simply, grade 304 offers higher malleability and greater longevity, and grade 430 offers a less expensive steel option.

This grade of stainless steel features the following chemical composition:

Iron = Balance

Carbon = 0.0 – 0.07%

Chromium = 17.50 – 19.50%

Manganese = 0.0 – 2.0%

Silicon = 0.0 – 1.0%

Phosphorous = 0.0 – 0.05%

Sulphur = 0.0 – 0.03%

Nickel = 8.0 – 10.5%

Nitrogen = 0.0 – 0.11%

See more professional decription of the composition and performance of different grades of stainless steel : STAINLESS STEEL GRADES AND PERFORMANCE.

Application in Commercial kitchen equipments: usually stainless steel 201 and 430 is the most popular steel used in common kitchen equipments, more economic, 304 steel are used as an premium choice, such as luxury hotels, special enviroments, like seaside cities, humidity and easy rusty circumstances,etc.

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