How Long Does Cake Last In The Cake Fridge Without Frosting

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Baking a cake is tricky, given its ingredients, if not poured carefully. Therefore, its preservation becomes equally important.

Especially for certain business owners, such as coffee shop proprietors and bakery shop owners, this issue is critical to them. While storing a cake in the refrigerator, several doubtful questions come to mind, such as:

how long can a cake remain fresh in the cake display fridge? How to reserve a cake for a long duration in the fridge? Or how does cake last in the refrigerator without frosting?

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The solution to such questions depends on a few elements, such as the amount of moisture in the cake, the kind of frosting glazed on the top, preservatives, etc.

how long does cake last in the refrigerator

1. How Long Does A Spongy Cake Last In The Cake Display Fridge?

Cakes usually take roughly a week to start getting stale finally. It all depends on the sugar quantity and grease content, whether it is chilled or not, appropriately covered.

However, a spongy cake can sit fresh in the fridge for 3-4 days. Cakes with fresh fruit and custard cream survive for 1-2 days.

Thinner choices, those with low fat or sugar quantity, usually have only half lifespan compared to their full-fat halves. Those rich in butter and dry fruits may become stale once they absorb other fridge smells.

A frosted cake takes longer to degrade because the frosting on the top keeps the cake inside moist.

2. How Long Does Cake Last In Cake Display Fridge With Frosting?

A frosted cake takes longer to degrade because the frosting on the top keeps the cake inside moist.

The cakes that last the longest are the ones from stores or bakeries. Market-bought cakes last longer because they contain a lot of confectionery and preservatives.

Those frosted cakes that don’t last much are those with plain, sweetened whipped cream. They start to dry out after a day and are sensitive to spoilage.

Ganache, buttercream, cream cheese frosting, and diplomat cream can survive up to 3-5 days. Therefore, these ingredients become good options for keeping your cake fresh.

3. How Long Does A Cake Last In The Cake Display Fridge Without Frosting?

Cakes without frosting don’t last that longer. It generally takes three days to start getting dry.

Technically, a frosted cake can survive longer than an unfrosted one, but if you wrap it up, it can outlive a frosted cake and survive for a week straight.

However, classic fruitcakes can stay in the cabinet, but be careful because the cake’s moisture can make them dry quickly.

Such cakes can also be stored easily in the freezer but can create a mess while defrosting. You can better use them in a dessert.

4. 3 Tips to Store the Cakes in Cake Display Fridges

Temperature: +2℃~5℃ for summer, +2~+8℃ in Winter

Airflow: Ensure the display case has proper airflow to maintain consistent temperature throughout. Avoid overloading the display, which could obstruct airflow and lead to uneven cooling.

Lighting: Opt for LED lighting in the display case. LED lights emit less heat than traditional lighting options, reducing the risk of cakes getting overly warm and losing their freshness.

Hygiene: Regularly clean and sanitize the interior of the display case to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Wipe down the shelves, walls, and glass surfaces with a food-safe sanitizing solution. Follow a regular cleaning schedule to ensure cleanliness.

The Cake fridges manufactured by Acenox Kitchen Equipment provide excellent cooling performance to extend the shelf life.

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