Small Bakery Equipment List, Prices and Pictures: Basic Equipment Only

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small bakery equipment list and prices the ultimate guide


Small Bakery Business

Starting a small bakery can be a dream business for anyone who loves baking. However, if you have very less money, it’s essential to focus on cost-effective equipment and prioritize the must buy crucial aspects of the business. With limited funds, you need a guide what kind of equipment you must buy for your bakery store, that is why we write this article.

The writer is from a bakery equipment manufacturer, who has a professional knowledge in this industry.
So, which tools do you need to get your small bakery up and running? Read on for a detailed guide to small bakery equipment lists and prices.


1. Buy a Small Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer With Durable Quality

commercial refrigerators and freezers

Commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer is a must-buy equipment, since small bakeries have a lot of ingredients that need to be kept cold, including milk, cream, butter, and eggs. A commercial refrigerator and freezer preserves the quality of your ingredients, keeping them fresh and tasteful for long. Plus, certain doughs like sugar cookies and shortbread can also benefit from chilling as it helps control the fermentation process well. 

Regarding the investment needed for commercial chillers, know that the price varies depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re a small-scale bakery with limited space in India, opt for a single-door fridge to store your ready-to-serve pastries — costing around 50,000 INR. However, for bakeries that have to store more than 10-15 cakes or 75 cupcakes at a time, double-door refrigerators in India are a better pick, averaging 75,000 INR. 

As a start of bakery store, you can buy a small size but with durable quality, durable quality one means you can sell it when you enlarge your business in the future. This is very important, otherwise, the refrigerator or freezer will wear out after one or two years.


2. Dough Cutters


As any baker would agree, manually cutting the dough sheet into equal, consistent parts takes the best out of your time. Dough cutters help streamline this process, saving time and increasing your small bakery’s efficiency. Plus, they also help bakers manage large orders quickly, making quick work of everything from heart-shaped cookies to pastries. 

Regarding the price, these small bakery equipment in India may cost anywhere from 500-15,000 INR, depending on the material you choose. Generally, plastic dough cutters are cheaper as they are less durable, costing around 412 INR for a pack of 3. However, if you want to go for a one-time investment in durability, go for a stainless steel mode, averaging 743 INR. 

For this large commercial dough cutter, you can buy from china, cost around USD100~USD500 approx.


3. Measuring Cups & Spoons

image 3

As a baker, you know that even a little mismeasurement, like adding ⅓ cups of flour instead of ¼, can cause your cakes to fall flat or turn too dense. This is why measuring tools are so important, it help to measure all the wet and dry ingredients, including flour, sugar, baking powder, or milk.  But how much do these goodies cost? Well, the amount you need to pay depends on the material, brand, and quality. However, plastic measuring tools generally cost less than stainless steel or porcelain. On average, you can expect to pay 100 to 300 Indian Rupees (INR) for a basic set of plastic measuring cups and spoons in India. If you want to go extra with commercial bakery equipment, go for stainless steel sets, costing between 300 and 600 INR.


4. Small Electric Food Mixer Or Dough Mixer


Baking involves a lot of manual labor when mixing ingredients, especially in making bread, cakes, and pastries. To automate the mixing process, small bakers can choose an electric mixer. These tools remove the endless handwork from the equation and maintain a uniform texture/consistency in the dough or batter. 

Commonly used for whisking eggs and other wet ingredients, electric mixers can also be used to knead dough. All you need to do is fix attachments to your mixer, and it can take on all the time-consuming baking chores (whip cream, mix batter, or scrap bowls). For the price, bakers can expect to pay around 5,000 to 15,000 INR for simple electric models with some attachments. 

Electric mixers are available in different sizes, from less than 10 quartz bowl capacity to around 150 quartz. The most common size for these mixers is between 4.5 and 5.5 quartz, perfect for baking cookies or making bread dough. However, if you’re running a small bakery, it’s better to use a larger model with 5 to 8 quartz capacity to cater to bulk orders and high sales. 



      • 4 Quartz electric mixer with 6 speeds: 4134 INR

      • 5.8 Quartz electric mixer with 6 speeds: 7259 INR

      • 7.5 Quartz electric mixer with 10 speeds: 8270 INR


    5. Baking Pans

    image 5

    A staple in any commercial bakery equipment list, baking pans help give the dough the proper shape, support, and texture during the baking process. 

    If you buy baking pans, you can always choose non-stick options. These pans amp up your baking process by making the cleanup more manageable and helping your baked goodies look more refined. 

    The size of the cake tin you need depends on the type of cake you’re baking. As for the price, most cake pans cost between 1000 and 5000 INR, whether you’re whipping up a heart-shaped Valentine’s cake or a round football cake. Here’s how the price varies depending on the shape of a cake tin.



        • Round-shaped cake tins: 8-9 inches in diameter (Price: 1,028 INR)

        • Square-shaped cake tins:8-9 inches in diameter (Price: 1,982 INR)

        • Rectangle cake tins: 9×13 inches (Price: 1,487 INR) or 11×15 inches (Price: 2170 INR)


      6. Rolling Pin

      image 6

      Consisting of a cylindrical rod made of wood, metal, or plastic, a rolling pin is used to flatten and shape dough. It helps with precise and consistent dough rolling, ensuring no two cookies are too thick or too thin for your liking. 

      In addition, this bakery store equipment is helpful for various baking chores, including flattening, shaping, and even tenderizing dough. Regarding the cost, rolling pins come in different prices depending on the material (wood, metal, or plastic). If you’re a small bakery looking for an affordable option, go for an 8-inch wooden rolling pin, costing around 250 to 1,500 INR

      However, a larger rolling pin of 12 to 14 inches can handle more dough at a time, meaning that you can roll more in less time. This is a go-to for running bakeries with a high volume of orders or those with extensive rolling requirements. 



          • 8-inch wooden rolling pin: 794 INR (Suitable for cookie doughs or mini tart shells)

          • 10-inch wooden rolling pin: 1361 INR (Suitable for pie crusts or bread dough)

          • 12-inch wooden rolling pin: 2241 INR (Suitable for large pies or pizza bases)

          • 18-inches stainless steel rolling pin: 2,722 INR (Suitable for large sheets of fondant)


        7. One Deck Oven

        deck oven


        commercial deck oven

        An oven is a must-have in any small bakery as it directly impacts the quality, texture, flavor, and appearance of baked goods. It also has a temperature control feature that helps automate the baking process. No more constantly peeking into your cupcakes to see if they’ve risen or adjusting the baking times.

        As a staple in any commercial bakery supplies wholesale arsenal, ovens help distribute heat evenly, resulting in uniformly baked breads, pastries, and cakes. Since they lead to faster baking times, ovens are a baker’s best friend in fulfilling bulk orders in no time. Available in various sizes ranging from 20 and 45 to 60-liter models, this baking equipment costs around 5,000 to 15,000 INR in price, but mainly for home uses.

        If you have a small store, and you run a small bakery with limited space or a minimal cookie shop, a commercial single deck oven may be suitable for you.



            • Single deck oven: 16.5×25.5 inches

            • Double deck oven: varies

          price ranges from 48,000 INR to 65,000INR approx.

          If you buy from China, due to the advantages of curreny exchange rate, you can get a premium quality single deck around 40,000INR


          8. A Solid Stainless Steel Working Table

          stainless steel work tables

          Each list of commercial bakery supplies wholesale is complete with a work table. Usually made of stainless steel, work tables provide a center point for preparing, assembling, and finishing your baked goodies (with whipped cream, sprinkles, or chocolates).

          For the bakers who’re all about cleanliness and sanitation, work tables also help maintain hygiene standards in your bakery. That is because these stations are made of stainless steel, which contributes to the ease of cleaning — being resistant to stains, rust, and bacterial growth. As for the price, stainless steel work tables may cost anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 INR or upwards, depending on the quality and size. 

          However, the actual amount you need to invest in a work table depends on the size you choose. Generally speaking, small bakeries with limited space may opt for a 24-inch work table since these are both compact and functional. If you need more working space for rolling dough or assembling cake layers, go with a medium-sized table (48 to 72 inches long). These are also suitable for running units with bulk orders and high sales volume.  



              • 24 inches work table: 45,691 INR

              • 48 inches work table: 57,901 INR


            9. Cake Display Fridge

            small cake display fridge

            After your cakes and cupcakes are baked to perfection, the final step is to display them appealingly to attract foot sales and customers. Cake Display Fridge help bakeries do just that: presenting the bakery’s delicious treats (cakes, pastries, and cookies) in an organized manner. 

            But how much must you invest in this pastry bakery display? Well, prepare to pour in 12,000 to 150,000 INR capital in India, depending on your specific requirements. If you want to display small items like pastries or cupcakes, a single or two-layer display counter might be great for you, costing around 17,800 INR. However, for bakeries that deal in everything from wedding cakes and muffins to donuts, a three or four-layer counter may suffice, averaging around 124,000 INR. 

            If you buy cake display fridge from China, due to the advantages of curreny exchange rate, you can get a premium one with size of 40 inches or 47 inches at a rate of 51,795 INR for a free standing one, just it will take some time to reach to you, like 30 days approx.


            Conclusion: the above bakery equipment list is only the must-have list.

            Opening a bakery shop in India is not a small investment business. From ovens and mixers to display counters, each piece helps optimize the baking process, resulting in satisfied, returning customers. 

            This small bakery equipment list and prices guide have walked you through all the crucial parts of setting up the go-to cake shop in town.

            As the business grows and generates revenue, reinvesting profits into equipment upgrades or renting a commercial kitchen space can further expand operations. While starting a bakery with limited funds presents challenges, with resourcefulness and dedication, it’s possible to build a successful venture over time.

            While you’re looking for high-quality but cost-effective bakery equipment, remember to check out Acenox Kitchen Equipment , who can supply one-stop kitchen equipment. Acenox provide a wholesale order for all the bakery equipment you need, and send by sea. Bulk order will save a lot of money for you!

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