Cake Display Cabinet Stainless Steel

The sleek exterior design of this Cake Display Cabinet is currently the most popular style, durable configuration,high display volume, steady temperature 2℃~8℃

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Product Details


  • Cake Display Cabinets can be made of different materials, such as glass, wooden or acrylic
  • As a manufacturer, we have 5+ years producing experiences of cake display cabinets.
  • refrigerated cake display cabinets and ambient cake display cabinets.
  • Custom-made size, color, and materials of the cabinet to make it accommodative on your local market.

How to choose a Pastry display cabinet?

  1. Firstly please select the right function for the food you are displaying. Bread, Ice cream, Sushi, Cakes, Sandwiches or dessert?

      2. In a simple division, cake display cabinets come in two types: static cooling and ventilated cooling. We do not suggest static cooling way. Although it is cheap, the cooling is not even. The places touching with cooling pipes get colder, while other areas get high temperatures. Therefore, ventilated cooling is necessary.

    3. The refrigeration unit is the critical part. It is not only about the brand; the compressor’s power is crucial.









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