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we are a leading commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China. We specialize in all kinds of commercial refrigeration equipment, from upright commercial fridges, and upright freezers to undercounter refrigerators and freezers. When you contact us, we will ask for details about your business to understand what refrigeration option is best for you. 

commercial refrigerator and freezer

Features: Single door, Ventilated Cooling

Features: Double doors, Ventilated Cooling, dual control

Features: Double doors, Static Cooling, Vertical

Features: 4 doors, Static Cooling, Vertical

Features: Single door, Ventilated Cooling

Features: Single door, Ventilated Cooling

Features: 6 doors, Static Cooling

Features: table top type

Acenox: One Of The Commercial Refrigerator Suppliers in China

Choose Acenox as your preferred commercial refrigeration partner

wholesale commercial refrigerators

We can Customize either the cooling configuration or the aesthetic design of the appearance to match your local market’s unique demands and regional climates. Whether you need specialized compartments or personalized branding, our customization options provide the flexibility to optimize your kitchen or your retailing business of commercial refrigerators.

Features Of Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer

commercial refrigerator producing process
commercial refrigerator producing process02

Built to Last, Durable Quality

Every commercial refrigerator or freezer is produced by our advanced machines, such as Italy Salvagnini automatic bending machine, Amada Bending machine from Japan, Bodor laser machine from China. Heavy duty stainless steel materials. 

Efficient Cooling System

We use high quality compressor which is capable of maintaining consistant temperature even in high temperature environments. High density insulation ensures the cold air stays inside the freezer, which will reduce eergy consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a commercial refrigerator?
A commercial refrigerator is a large-volume refrigerator for commercial use, and it usually comes with larger power refrigeration elements.
It is also called a commercial fridge, a reach-in refrigerator, or industrial refrigerator.
2. What makes a refrigerator commercial grade?

Larger volume, larger compressor, professional large condenser and evaporator, heavy-duty stainless steel materials, more durable and heavier.

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