Is a Blast Freezer Necessary for an Ice Cream Store?

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In the ice cream world, where things are both sweet and cool, the key to the best scoop could be more scientific than you’ve ever thought. Step into the blast freezer for ice cream, the ice cream industry’s game-changer, allowing ice cream stores to produce exceptional frozen treats. Yet, is it an unavoidable necessity for all ice cream parlors? Shall we then unravel the icy mysteries behind this one?


Blast Freezer for Ice Cream: Deciding Based on Your Offerings

While we are about to start discussing the necessity of a blast freezer, primarily, it is crucial to know the types of ice cream you are going to sell. Certainly, some ice creams are different, and how critical Blast Freezer is dependent on your ice cream menu offerings.

ice cream producing


If you use a batch freezer to produce ice cream, when you take the ice cream from the batch freezer, it is typically not ready to eat; it has to be frozen down first before being put into a display case, and that’s where a blast freezer comes in now!

  • Artisanal or Gourmet Ice Cream: They often have less fat and are more solid, thereby having a lower air level. An explosion freezer can be used to prevent ice crystal formation, resulting in a quality surface.
  • High-volume Commercial Ice Cream: Batch freezing methods like quick freezing are effective in keeping quality intact and increasing shelf life.
  • Soft Serve: The immediacy of consumption means no need for a blast chiller.

Literally, if you are in the business of creamy, consistent, high-end ice cream, you need to freeze the ice cream to low temperature in a short time, the blast freezer is nearly a must.


What is the process of freezing ice cream?


Firstly, produce the ice cream by a soft serve machine, ice cream machine or a batch freezer, secondly, put the ice cream in a blast chiller (blast freezer) to take the temperature down; At last, put the ice cream into the refrigerated display case.


Working Process of a Blast Freezer: How It Works

working process of a blast freezer


A freezing machine (blast freezer) for ice cream takes a short time to freeze the ice cream very much by decreasing the temperature to minus 30°C (-22°F) or even lower. This slowness is so very important because it prevents the formation of large ice crystals within the ice cream. Large crystals could be responsible for rending the delightful texture of ice cream, thus making it grainy. The quick freezing makes the ice cream maintain its desirable creaminess while the texture and taste do not change during the freezing process.


Benefits of Blast Freezing for Ice Cream


The advantages of using a blast freezer for ice cream are clear: 

●      Texture and Quality: Whip and aerate while constantly stirring to get that smooth and even texture with no ice crystal formation.

●      Flavor Preservation: Extremely quick freezing and locking-in of the taste ensures this ice cream is always fresh.

●      Shelf Life: Extends shelf life of ice cream, in particular freezer burn.

●      Efficiency: takes a short time for preparation.


Blast Freezer Cost: Investment and Returns


The cost of a blast freezer is a crucial element for ice cream shops. Prices differ quite a lot according to the capacity and brand, but an investment for an Indian ice cream shop in the range of INR 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs ($2,500- $6,500 approximately) will be sufficient whether it is a small to medium-sized store. Although it appears high, ROI comes with premium quality products, customer satisfaction, and high-end pricing.



Blast Freezer for sale


To wrap it up, will a blast freezer work in an ice cream parlor? Suppose your targeted market for the ice cream is the ones who appreciate its premium qualities, like handmade artisanal ice cream, with a focus on flavors and texture. In that case, the answer is yes. At first, blast freezer cost may be high on initial capital, but it is a long-term investment that provides product excellence, customer satisfaction, and efficient operations. The demand might be minimal if individuals care for soft services or concentrate on usual products. Finally, knowledge of your product and the market you aim for will help you make the best decision for your ice cream store.

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