What is Commercial Refrigeration Equipment and How to Buy

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What is Commercial Refrigeration Equipment?

Commercial refrigeration equipment refers to various refrigerated equipment used in commercial settings such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, hospitals, and other food service establishments.
These refrigerated equipment include commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers, display chillers, blast chillers, ice machines, chest freezers, meat showcases, dessert and cake showcases, etc.


What is the difference between commercial and domestic refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration typically comes with a large size and large power. Its compressor and refrigeration elements are larger than home-use refrigeration. Moreover, commercial refrigerators have heavy-duty shelves to load more stuff for commercial kitchens.

Application of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Unlike home refrigerators, the features of commercial refrigeration are larger in size, with more emphasis on display functionalities.

Grocery Stores: Commercial display refrigeration units are commonly found in grocery stores to showcase fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and other perishable items. These refrigerated displays help maintain the freshness of products while making them easily accessible to customers.

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—Supermarkets: we can see lots of commercial refrigeration equipment in supermarkets such as the Glass Door Refrigerator to showcase beverages and beers, Glass Door Island Freezer to showcase frozen food, meat, ice cream, and pre-cooked food, open display counter to showcase fresh meat and desserts.

—Convenience Stores: In convenience stores, commercial display refrigeration equipment is used to present a selection of ready-to-eat items, chilled beverages, and snacks, allowing customers to grab what they need quickly.

—Restaurants and Cafes: Commercial display refrigerators are essential for restaurants and cafes to keep ingredients and prepared food items at the appropriate temperature before serving. They are used for displaying salads, desserts, beverages, and more.

—Bakeries and Pastry Shops: Various Cake Display Chiller in bakeries help showcase cakes, pastries, pies, and other baked goods in a visually appealing manner while preserving their freshness.

—Delicatessens: Delis use commercial display refrigerators to present cold cuts, cheeses, salads, and other delicacies for customers to choose from.

—Hotels and Buffets: In hotel restaurants and buffets, display refrigeration equipment is employed to present a wide variety of chilled foods, such as salads, sushi, and seafood.

—Bars and Pubs:  The Glass door display chiller is used in bars to store and display bottled beverages like beer, wine, and soft drinks for easy access by customers.

—Ice Cream Parlors: Ice Cream Display Freezers are commonly found in ice cream Parlors to store and display different flavors of ice cream, gelato, and other frozen treats.

—Petrol Stations and Convenience Shops: Small commercial display refrigerators are often placed in petrol stations and convenience shops to offer chilled beverages, snacks, and small food items to customers on the go.

In summary, commercial display refrigeration equipment plays a vital role in various businesses, enabling them to maintain product freshness, enhance product visibility, and provide convenience to customers.


Wholesale Commercial Refrigerators

Wholesale commercial refrigerators from China is a wise decision, China has developed commercial refrigeration equipment for over 25 years, and there is a mature supply chain over the whole country.
Here is the article help you to import commercial refrigerators and freezers among the top 7 manufacturers.


We have summarized the main cities where produce commercial refrigeration equipment as follows: 

  1. Qingdao city of Shandong Province  
  2. Binzhou city of Shandong Province
  3. Ningbo city of Zhejiang Province
  4. Cixi City Of Zhejiang Province  
  5. Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province
  6. Foshan City of Guangdong Province

For economical and durable commercial refrigerators and freezers, Acenox Kitchen Equipment is one of the reliable suppliers in Shandong of China. There are economical standard, premium standard for various budget.

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The Market Trend of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

market trend

Commercial refrigeration typically comes with a large size and large power. Its compressor and refrigeration elements are larger than home-use refrigeration. Moreover, commercial refrigerators have heavy-duty shelves to load more stuff for commercial kitchens.

With the global trend of climate warming and the increasing demand for frozen food products after the pandemic, the demand for commercial refrigeration cabinets is also steadily rising.

As quoted from the article in <<Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Global Market Report 2023>>, “Preference for frozen & chilled products have increased due to changing lifestyle, accelerated urbanization, and benefits offered by frozen products such as longer shelf life, convenience, reduced food preparation & clean-up time. The global commercial refrigeration equipment market size is expected to grow to $73.95 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 4.5%.” 

Therefore, investing in commercial refrigeration equipment is highly recommended and advantageous, whether it’s for large supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, dessert shops, bakeries, retail stores, and so on; refrigeration equipment is indispensable. To choose a commercial refrigeration equipment that has a higher aesthetic appeal, good quality, and is popular, some research is required.

As a commercial refrigeration manufacturer, Acenox Kitchen equipment mainly produce the above four categories, which are exported to lots of countries. We try to follow the latest design and develop more humanized products.