Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator

The simple but stylish design of this single glass door refrigerator  is popular in many countries such as Europe, Australia and Malaysia, etc. It is used to display Cold Beverages, Beer, etc. Pls note, size and shape could be customized, your company logo advertising sticker can be printed to put on the top of the refrigerator

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Features Of Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator:

3 glass door commercial refrigerator has a large capacity of storage. It is widely used in wine shops, beer bars, supermarkets, etc.

Let’s find the advantage of this 3 doors commercial glass door refrigerator:

  • Large Capacity: 

1450L, five layers of chrome-coated shelves, are heavy-duty and can be filled with large amounts of beer, beverages, and water.

  • Thick and high clear glasses: 

We use very thick and heavy-duty glasses, which also have a high clear view. The double layers glasses provide high insulation performance, effectively saving energy.

  • Well-known Compressor: 

Donper Compressor, the famous brand of compressors with durable quality, eco-friendly refrigerant R290

  • Ventilated cooling

Active circulation helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooling space, ensuring even cooling and minimizing temperature gradients.

  • Attractive lamp box on the top:

We provided customized advertising printed on the top lamp box, which is impressive and attractive. The refrigeration units are on the top behind the lamp box.

  • Super thick insulation:

The refrigerator has a 7.5cm insulation foam, which can provide good insulation properties.

  • Digital temperature controller: 

Easy to adjust the temperature

  • Heavy duty wheels: 

Universal wheels with brakes, you can place the refrigerator in the right location without any obstacles.


We have over a decade of experience in producing commercial glass refrigerators. The excellent features mentioned above ensure the quality of our refrigerators. However, to tap into the international market, we offer highly competitive prices. Please feel free to contact us for the latest pricing information.




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