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A Commercial display refrigerator is a device for displaying and storing food, beverages, ice cream, and other items in a cooled environment.  It is also called a Commercial display fridge, display chiller or display refrigerator or beverage refrigerator, etc. No matter what name, they are used for commercial uses.

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—Commercial Display Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators include chillers and freezers.
It comes in a wide variety of display styles. Here, we will primarily focus on commercial display refrigerators. These units typically feature transparent glass, which is the reason why they are called Display Chillers and Display Freezers.
There are vertical and horizontal types. Regarding cooling, there are refrigeration and freezing purposes. Some have glass doors, while others are open-fronted.
We use several molds to foam the body of the refrigerators. The main body is made at one time automatically.

commercial refrigerator manufacturer

—What We can Supply To You?

color of the commercial display fridge
  1. Customized Design Of the Color of the display fridge like the left photo.
  2. Customized Design of the Printing of your logo or advertisements.
  3. Customized configuration of the electrical elements, such as the compressor brand, materials of evaporator, materials of condensate, the temperature controller brand, etc.
customized design of glass door display fridge
commercial display fridge for cola

      4. Color Of LED Lights

      5. Materials of the display fridge, like the main body of the refrigerators, usually is coated steel. For premium ones, we can use stainless steel 201 or 304.

      6. Provide professional advice of containers loading for 20 feet or 40 feet. We are familiar with how to load as full as much without any damage.

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2 door commercial refrigerator

Black, white and golden color for choices

3 door commercial refrigerator

Black, white and golden color for choices

Bottom mount Commercial Refrigerator

Black, white and golden color for choices

Features Of Commercial Glass Door Display Refrigerator

doors of the commercial display fridge
factory of commercial display fridge
led lights

Double Layers Doors

Double-layer ultra-clear glass with high transparency provides effective heat insulation and fog prevention. The good quality sealing strip offers excellent sealing performance and reduces the energy losing again.

Steel Door Frame

Steel door frame provides a luxury appearance and durable quality for the display fridges. Plastic door frames as an option for economic ones. Aluminum alloy doors are the popular options for display fridges, just the cost will be a little higher than others.

LED Lights

High-quality LED lights can illuminate the displays with a more attractive effect, thereby promoting sales. Therefore, the role of LED lights should not be underestimated. LED lights produce minimal heat, making them suitable for display fridges.

digital temperature
evaporator for commercial display fridge
shelves for display fridge

Digital Temperature Control

Digital temperature controllers ensure the precise temperature required. Easy to operate and maintain, we provide several brands for options, from economical to premium.

Cupreous Condensate

Cupreous pipes feature Excellent heat conductivity. The thermal conductivity is 2 to 3 times that of other metals.Strong corrosion resistance. Easy to process and install. Copper tubes can be easily bent, cut, and welded.

Heavy duty Shelves

Plastic-coated racks, convenient for storing a variety of beverages and alcoholic drinks. Five-layer shelves are included, heavy-duty and environmental.

More Knowledge

-What is merchandising cooler?

It mainly refers to the same item we described above. Merchandising cooler is also called merchandising refrigerator or beverage cooler.
Typically, a merchandising cooler has a glass door to display water, beverages, beers, and milk for sale.
As a manufacturer of merchandising coolers, we provide customized appearance designs, put your unique design and logo on the products’ exterior. Customized package is also available, thus, bringing a deep impact on your brand!

-What is commercial drinks fridge?

Commercial drinks fridge is a fridge used to display drinks. It has many names, such as merchandising cooler, commercial beverage cooler, soft drinks fridge, beer fridge, Visi Coolers(Indian name), etc.
It is for commercial use, therefore, typically, it features glass doors, and it is a glass-fronted drinks fridge. Coming in this design, customers can see the merchandisers inside directly.

Drinks fridge is used to store water, milk, soft drinks, carbonated drinks like coca cola, Pepsi, Fruit juice, etc. It is also used to store alcoholic drinks like beer, cider, etc.

-What is the difference between a commercial drinks fridge and other commercial glass door fridge/refrigerator?

Application: drink fridge are mainly designed for storing and displaying drinks and beers, commercial display refrigerator or glass door fridge are used to display various food, cooked food, fruits, etc, not limited to only one kind cooled display, bottled drinks are also can be placed in it.

Size: drink fridge usually comes with a smaller depth, 530mm deep or maximum 680mm, 500mm~600mm deep is much more popular. However, a commercial glass door refrigerator usually features a depth of 650mm to 700mm, or even bigger.

In short, drink fridge usually have a compact size and have a cheaper price usually, single glass door fridge for drinks is very common, they can be widely used in small shops or grocery stores and even in corner; Other Commercial display fridges are not limited to single-door options; double door display fridge and triple-door display fridge are also quite common. This is because their usage is more versatile.

--Types of commercial display refrigerators

Commercial display refrigerators come in various types. They can be categorized into:

  • single door display fridge
  • 2 door display fridge
  • triple door display fridge

Additionally, based on the placement of the compressor, there is:

  • bottom-mounted display fridge (located at the bottom)
  • top-mounted display fridge (located at the top).

In terms of cooling capabilities, they can be further divided into:

  • display chillers
  • display freezers.

-Beer fridge temperature

The ideal temperature for a beer fridge, also known as a beverage or beer cooler, typically the flavor taste good within the range of 38 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit ( 3℃ to 7 ℃)

The best temperature for Light beer is 2℃~5℃, and the best temperature for schwarzbier/black beer is 8℃~12℃; Beer stored at the appropriate temperature maintains its carbonation levels, preventing over-carbonation or excessive loss of carbonation due to temperature fluctuations.

-What Is An Open Fridge?

As the name implies, an open fridge is designed with an open front, which allows shoppers to view and easily access items without the need to open doors. Unlike a closed-door fridge, which comes with a door that opens and closes, an open display fridge is characterized by an open design with an air curtain in front. This is the working principle of an open display fridge. Essentially, the air curtain creates a barrier of flowing air in front of the fridge, thereby helping to maintain the internal temperature of the fridge. The open design allows customers to access products without letting too much cold air escape. Open fridges are commonly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and food service establishments to refrigerate and display a wide range of items, such as beverages and perishable products.

-Benefits Of Multideck Open Chiller/Open Display Fridge?

Multideck Open Chillers are popularly used in supermarkets and convenience stores, and it’s easy to see why. These fridges offer many advantages that cater to both customers and businesses alike. Here are some of the advantages of the multideck open chiller:

  • The open design allows for easy visibility and access to the refrigerated items without the need to open any doors.
  • Open chiller are easier to clean as compared to their closed-door counterparts.
  • The open design allows for easier restocking
  • By allowing shoppers to easily view items stored inside, these fridges encourage spontaneous purchases.
  • These fridges allow supermarkets and convenience stores to display items in a visually appealing manner.

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