Display Chiller Glass Door

This upright display chiller has three glass doors, color could be white, black or other customized colors. Ideal size to display Cold Beverages, Beer, etc. Your branding logo and advertising sticker can be printed to put on the top of the chiller

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Display Chiller

This upright model glass door display chiller is commonly used in various business settings for refrigeration and display purposes.


Model: VGD-3W

■ Materials: Painted steel, Aluminum door frame

■ Size: 1880mm×735mm×2090mm

■ Self-closing doors, double layers explosion proof of Low-E Glasses

■ 220V/50Hz, +2℃~+8℃

■ Ventilated cooling, Donper Compressor/Embraco Compressor

■ Inner with four layers PVC coating shelves

■ Brand digital temperature Controller, providing precise temperature settings, allowing for more accurate control over the temperature inside the fridge. This is crucial for maintaining optimal conditions for storing the drinks or food.

■ Mute wheels, two with brakes

■ Each door has two vertical LED light strips to illuminate the merchandise excellently

■ Coated steel basement, economic cost but durable quality

■ Application: temperature≤32℃, Humidity below 65%

Notice: Applicable Enviroment: Ambinet temperature below 32℃



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