6 Recommended Ice Cream Freezer Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

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There are numerous manufacturers in China producing ice cream freezers, ranging from small-scale factories to large, well-established manufacturers. Some Chinese manufacturers prioritize high-quality materials and production processes to meet international standards, while others may focus more on cost efficiency.

China is one of the leading exporters of ice cream freezers globally. Its efficient production capabilities and relatively lower manufacturing costs make Chinese ice cream freezers competitive in international markets. If you are a distributor and do a retailing business of ice cream freezers, you have multiple choices about importing ice cream freezers from China.

China, as one of the main supplying countries of Ice cream freezers with over 10 years, has a very mature supply chain. In this article, we will introduce several reputable manufacturers for high-quality ice cream freezers, which are also called gelato displays or ice cream dipping cabinets.

5 Recommended Ice Cream Freezer Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

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1.Guangdong Royal-Kincool Refrigeration Equipment Co., ltd.

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Royal Kincool started in the 2003 year. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience and innovation, Royal Kicool established its own glasses production and developed a series of refrigeration equipment including ice cream display freezers. They have the most advanced high-power fiber laser cutting machine with a sales volume of refrigeration equipment of around 4000 sets and display cases of 10000 sets.

2. Shanghai Kingdom

The Kingdom was established in 1975, so it has a history of 46 years. The total area of the factory is 156,000 square meters. Their products include three major commercial refrigeration series: display cabinets like cake showcase and gelato display freezers, commercial refrigerators, and combination cold storage units, as well as a personalized high-end custom series.

3. Ningbo Rotor Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2000, Rotor is an export-oriented enterprise that combines research, production, sale, and service. Rotor specializes in manufacturing all kinds of 4 sides glass display refrigerators, counter top displays, salad showcases, sushi showcases, open fridges and some small ice cream freezers. Rotor not only got the certificate of ISO9000 but also passed the standard of GS, EMC, CE RoHS, PSE, ETL, etc.

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Small Ice Cream Freezer

4. Hangzhou Frigo Catering Equipments Co., Ltd.

Frigo covers an area of 18,600 square meters and has multiple high-precision laser-cutting machines, bending machines, and several modern assembly lines, with a production capacity of 1200 units per month. The products include ovens, warming showcases, ice cream showcases, open chillers and open warmers, etc.

5. Acenox Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.

Acenox Kitchen Equipment started from a small sales team in the 2017 year and established their factory in the 2019 year. Acenox focuses on producing and exporting durable and economical ice cream display freezers and cake display fridges, which can meet the demand of small ice cream store owners who have limited money and start the business. Acenox provides permanent support for aftersales and helps you to use the freezers effortlessly.

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Acenox’s product range: various ice cream fridges, cake fridges, display chillers, commercial refrigerators, and freezers.

6. Qingdao Clabo EasyBest Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Clabo EasyBest Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. formerly established in 2005, is a wholly-owned Italian enterprise specializing in the production of ice cream display cabinets and cake display cabinets. In 2012, the company officially entered the Chinese market, dedicated to providing customers with professional and systematic solutions for store operations. In 2017, the company joined the Italian CLABO Group, ushering in a new era of global strategic development.

Main Products: Ice Cream Freezer, Cake display cabinets


However, it’s essential for buyers to conduct thorough research on the manufacturer’s reputation, quality control measures, and certifications before making a purchase. This helps ensure that the ice cream freezers meet their requirements for quality and performance. Additionally, buyers may consider working with reputable suppliers or conducting factory inspections to further verify the quality of the products.

“The commercial ice cream freezers market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.55% between 2024 and 2028. The market size is forecast to increase by USD 4,803.83 million. The growth of the market depends on several factors such as the increasing demand for frozen desserts, the shelf-life extension of frozen food products, and the growing popularity of artisanal and premium ice creams.” quote from Technavio.

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