Countertop Ice Cream Freezer

Size: 670mm(L)×750mm(D)×360mm(H); The ice cream display freezer is composed of several parts, such as the glasses, insulation, refrigeration system,temperature controller,lights,etc. MOQ: 2pcs; wholesale price: 550usd~650USD, talk with us for favorable price!

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Single Rows, tempered glasses






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Countertop ice cream freezer

Countertop ice cream freezer comes in a compact size with less cost than a large commercial stand ice cream freezer.

It is ideal for smaller business and it could be portable to be used in some events to boost your business.

Multiple applications like frozen yogurt, ice popsicle, gelato or some dessert with chocolate.

It is easily accessible to serve many customers


Size: 670mm(L)×750mm(D)×360mm(H)

Glasses: Hovering glass doors, electrical heating wire, non-fogging up

Good Insulation property: cyclopentane foaming, eco-friendly.

Refrigeration: Static, R290 refrigerant, Completely cuperous condensate and evaporator.

Temperature: -22℃ ~ -16℃

Automatic Defrost: Reverse cycle defrosting

Pans: comes with 3 pcs of GN 1/3 Pans or acrylic boxes for choice

Lights LED: Good quality LED light strips to illuminate the Gelato excellently

We accept customized appearance picture design

countertop ice cream freezer
countertop ice cream freezer for sale





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