5 Steps to help you import kitchen equipment from China

Jessie Chang
Jessie Chang

Sales Manager Of Acenox
Engage in the commercial kitchen equipment industry for 8 years+

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5 step to import kitchen equipment

Step 1. Choose manufacturers or exporters with exporting experiences

The exporter who has exporting experience will be much professional about the products and the popular type in the market, they will help you to compete and work together the new hot products, organize the shipping reasonably and maximize bringing down your cost, they even can help you to gather products in their workshop and save lots of money and energy from the shipping agent. A professional exporter know how to prepare the documents exactly, understand restrictions well and avoid of troubles when you import.

Step 2. Check the product photos and confirm drawing for customized products

Before placing an order, negotiate the product photos and confirm the drawing for customized products is necessary, it will help you each other to confirm every details with written description.

Step 3. Confirm the materials you want to use

Except the drawings, the materials and thickness is much important. Even same materials, there are different grade and quality, Usually stainless steel from authorized factory will not goes wrong, Good materials will have superior performance: high corrosion resistant, durable, attractive appearance, etc. According to different grade, the performances and physical properties are various. The most popular series numbers are 200, 300, 400 for commercial kitchen equipment application.

Step 4. Do inspection for the first cooperation when you import

Sampling is an essential part before mass production, however, mass production often goes in wrong way, therefore, inspection during production and the finished products will help to control the quality, any unqualified products will be got rid of, and it reduce the risks for you to get defective ones.

Quality of the product cannot be compromised no matter large or small factory. Even a single defective product among the numerous products, it will effect the end user’s trust and your repute.

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