Stainless Steel Work Tables

As a manufacturer, we offer series of design of commercial stainless steel work tables, such as work tables with sink bowls, work table with drawer, work table with 2 layer under shelf, work table with open base, work table with over shelves, stainless steel prep table with wheels,etc.

Moreover,lots of customized types could be supplied, and we ever supplied to different markets, such as Europe, Middle East, Asia, America, South America, Africa, etc. 

The Feet of Work Tables

Heavy-duty feet of the work tables

Loading Container

Loading container of the work tables

Package Video

The carton box package of work tables

Product Category

Applications of Stainless Steel Work Tables

Compared to other kitchen equipment, stainless steel work tables offer the widest operating space, It features a performance of flexible, low-cost and durable. It allows you to freely place anything you want and work on it, providing you with a highly flexible workspace. It is an essential and multipurpose equipment in a commercial kitchen.

It has several applications in a commercial kitchen, including:

stainless work table for bakery prep

Work and Food preparation:

Stainless steel work tables provide a hygienic and durable surface for chopping, slicing, and preparing ingredients.The island work tables in the middle of kitchen play an multiple roles of the whole kitchens, placing, working or preparing. The application areas include the fish preparation area, the bakery area,vegetable preparation area,etc.

Equipment placement

work tables provide a stable and sturdy surface for placing appliances such as mixers, blenders, ovens or food processors.

Filling tiny spaces

customized size of work tables can be used to fill narrow areas, maximizing space utilization.

dishwasher bench

Dish washing area

work tables are commonly used to connect with dishwasher to pass through or storage the plates,G/N pans and baskets.

Organization and pass-through dishes

Work tables with over shelving could be used to pass through dishes before serving. It can be used to store utensils, pans, and other kitchen equipment by having under shelves, keeping them easily accessible.

Why import commercial work tables from us?

1. Purchasing Management

Raw materials are purchased from reputed stainless steel factories, quality meet the National standard, It has good performance of anti-rust, bending,etc.

acenox workshop commercial kitchen equipment raw materials.jpg
production process of acenox

2. Surface Treatment

Stainless steel sheets cut by advanced laser cutting machines, No sharp edges and burrs. Deburring machine to polish the edge again, make it smooth and not hurt.

3. Advanced Welding

Our laser welding machine realize low distortion and low heat input, make material surface in better condition.

laser welding of work tables
assembling of work tables

4. Easy Assembling

The assembling is very easy but solid structure. It only take less than 10 minutes to finish the assembling.

5. Customized Available

We Offer various designs, sizes, thickness for different applications

6. Experienced

Over 10 years’experiences of commercial kitchen table producing

How do we pack the work tables?

1. Five Layers Corrugated Carton Box

We use five layers corrugated carton boxes, hard and thick, it is still solid after several times’ carrying. however, the soft boxes will have holes or be broken.

2. Corner Protect

We use foam board or paper corner protector to protect the four corners,where are easy to be broken.

3. Minimize The Packing Size

Generally the height of the carton box is only 18cm or 22cm, we try to not waste any spaces of the box, minimize the packing volume to save shipping cost

package of stainless kitchen equipment
package of stainless work tables
tables pack
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